vannerWe plan to be around at least another 300 years!

Saved Sätra Brunn. In 2002 Sätra Brunn was rescued from bankruptcy and break-up when “Sätra Brunn Hälsobrunn Ekonomisk Förening” took over the business. Here are some of those people with families outside the house “Bergabo”.
Since November 2002 Sätra Brunn is owned and run by a Cooperative with 17 members. In 2010 they corporated the ownership in two different Limited companies. The aim of the ownership is to preserve and develop the Cultural Heritage of Sätra Brunn. The property consists of around 100 buildings, from the  year 1702 up to 1994, set in grounds of 60 acres of land and 80 000 square meters of park divided into five parks.

Our Business Idea

For people who need to stop the time to start the thought, Sätra Brunn offers an oasis in the present. A place for recovery, meetings and innovation, where the holistiv view of humanity is central. Our Key Words are Healing-Learning-Creating.

Our Enviromental Policy

Sätra Brunn shall, based in its historical tradition, keep caring for the health of the individual, preserve Sätra Brunn’s unique buildings and aim towards a sustainable society. Sätra Brunn shall be a place that offers its visitors and staff experiences of and insights into health, culture and ecological connections. The business shall, in developing Healing, Learning, Creating and in its business development allow the ecological perspective to be central. The ecological view shall be central to all corporate activities.

Time is not standing still here

In Sätra Brunn we work with preserving and developing a piece of cultural heritage. As a visitor we want to give you and experience that is well founded in our history. A history that dates way back in the 18:th century. But time is not standing still here. Every day we are building on our heritage, and what happens today is part of tomorrows history. We are making an effort to leave as small ecological footprints as possible to make sure, among other things, that Sätra Brunn will be a good place to visit also for our great-grandchildren.

Most welcome to be our guest!