2_3konfConference in Historic Setting

Here at Sätra Brunn there is enough time to rest in your thoughts and allow conversations to grow. When the flow of impressions is turned down there is space for great ideas to emerge!
Its all about switching between creativity and reflextion, between tranquility and activity. That is when a conference is at its best, for everyone.
At Sätra Brunn there are limitless opportunities for his. A relaxing massage, a beneficial Herbal Bath in our genuine oak tubs or physical activities in our lovely warm Pool. Excercise in the Gym, try out Archery or just take a walk in the lovely area, enjoying our gardens and the over 100 historical buildings in different shapes and forms, dating form the 18:th centrury and onwards.

An Arena of Possibilities

Conference might first come to mind. Sätra Brunn is a place with an environment that allows for a huge variety of events. What about for example; Pressconference, Fashion Show, Product Release, Vernissage, Kick-Off, Course or Training, Annual Meeting, Board Meeting, Book Launch, Costumer Event, Lecture, Mini-Fair, Seminar. There are most certainly even more that we can think of together!

We have unique opportunities to create effective and inspiring meetings here. We are convinced that your stay with us will inspire you and give you memorable impressions. The beautiful Sätra Brunn with all its history and beauty creates an atmosphere that has to be experienced.

Naturally all the techical equipment you need will be provided in the Conference Rooms and there is fast WiFi in all the rooms.