Water – the path to health

vattenSamuel Skragge came to Sätra Brunn in the year 1700, stayed for 32 days and drank the water from the source called “Trefaldighetskällan”. He found it delicious and healing and started creating the Spa resort.

Since then our water has been drunk in huge quantities. It was not unusual for a guest/patient to be prescribed up to 8 litres of water per day!

The Water Cure was supplemented with walks, good food, nice companionship and a quiet lifestyle with no upset feelings!

We keep the tradition alive through the constantly rippling well “Trefaldighetskällan” in the Well House “Brunnshuset” and by always serving our guests the fresh spring water from pitchers at the table.

In Skragges days the water was tested in other ways than the current. In dr. Urban Hjärnes book “Den lille Wattuprovaren” he describes the methods of the analysis.

Later analysis have shown the water to contain iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, sodium, silicon, chloride, sulphate and radium. In the 18:th century the radium was adress as the “etheric quality” of the water, or its “mystical acidity” the “acidum occultum” – a very volatile ingredient that was thougth to give the water a superb quality. This radioactive substance is present in the water, however the dosage is minimal and is still considered beneficial to human health in low quantities. Also selenium has been found in the water.

All the water we use at Sätra Brunn comes from this same source. When the natural opening of the spring was not enough for the required volumes of water, a pipe was inserted down to the original source at 31 meters below ground. The water you shower in and drink from the taps here has passed through a filtering system that removes some of the minerals. You will notice the difference when you taste the original water from the artesian source in the well house.

And presumably, the original water is still the most beneficial – why would 300 years of experience be wrong?

Drink and enjoy!