The Genuine Spa Experience

2_3spastartThe word Spa comes from the town with the same name in Belgium. People have been traveling there since ancient times to drink the mineral water and bathe in the natural springs.
During the 18:th century the European influences reached Sweden and establishments like Sätra Brunn were started.The nobility and the court, priest and poverty, they all gathered to socialize, drink the water and strenthen their health from the medical baths.

Healing baths

The belief in the healing powers of water were firm since ancient times, but developed in the Spas in Europe during the 19:th century. The method is based on using the effects of diffent temperatures on the body. Hot baths are thought to alleviate muscular tension and act beneficially on rheumatical and arthritical disorders. Disregarding conditions, many of us have experienced how pain, anxiety and stress is diminished by a hot bath.

In Sätra Brunn’s Pool House you can rest in a relaxing chair, have a nice drink, read a paper or a book and just rest. If you feel like a bath, just ease yourself into the warm water of the Pool (34 degrees C) and swim with the soothing music in the background.

Creative Baths

It is true that many bright ideas are born in or near water. To be surrounded by water increases our wellbeing and makes us relax. You can also excercise in the gym, use the Solarium and enjoy the Saunas. If you enjoy excercising in groups you can join the differently paced Activity Classes led by our skilled instructors.